50 Weird Animal Photos That “Cannot Be Explained”

No one is arguing that animals are a bunch of weirdos. Cats are notorious for defying physics with their bungee-jumps across the room, sloths trek to the toilet, and crocodiles are known for crying their eyes out. But these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to animals acting crazy. Don’t believe me? Here at we collected some of the most peculiar bits of photographic evidence that prove we ain’t lying. The collection below will feature

some of the most ‘seriously?’ animal and wildlife pictures that beg for an explanation. Like, how on earth that seagull is riding a fish, and what was that ginger whisker thinking while levitating on a car door? It’s no secret that most animals are a bunch of weirdos. But cats deserve the crown in ensued bizzarity, thanks to their goofy temper and unpredictable demeanor. Previously, talked to Ingrid Johnson, the certified cat behavior consultant

who runs “Fundamentally Feline,” to find out the expert-proved reasons why cats do such weird stuff. Ingrid said that it’s due to the fact that their “bodies are extremely flexible and they are naturally curious yet cautious, so they get themselves into precarious situations quite readily. Cats also like to be up high, which is why you see the cat in the shower caddy.”Ingrid also said that much of feline behavior that looks funny and goofy to us comes

from their natural instincts. “Cats like small, confined spaces. They like to hide and feel safe. That is why we often see them squished into seemingly uncomfortable spots.” This is why they like cardboard boxes: because cardboard can actually assist a cat in maintaining their “thermal neutral zone.” The cat behaviorist explained further: “since cardboard is insulating, it helps cats maintain their body temperature of 100-102.5 degrees easily without having to expel much energy.” So, it turns out even the weirdest quirks have some kind of explanation.