12 Animals That Are So Rare, It’s Hard to Imagine They’re Real

According to scientists, our planet is home to about 8.7 million plant and animal species while 86% of land species and 91% of sea species are yet to be discovered. It’s just amazing that after hundreds of years of biological studies we keep searching and finding new species of animals, birds, insects and fish. Some of these creatures look so …

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The “Cursed Architecture” Twitter Feed Showcases The Best Of The Worst (30 Pics)

Whether we’re talking about the subreddit Crappy Design or the Instagram account Ugly Irish Houses, the Internet seems obsessed with tasteless crimes against aesthetics and functionality. If you are too, the Twitter account “Cursed Architecture” is right up your alley. Its hellish content includes strange angles, melting paint, vaguely threatening toilets, stairs that lead to nowhere, and more. Basically, the …

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10 Incredible Cities That Have Changed Beyond Recognition

We thought it was time to take a quick trip back in time to see how much the world around has changed. Take a look you’ll be amazed by what we found! 1. Seoul, South Korea: 1950 vs. the present day 2. Nairobi, Kenya: The 1960s and now 3. Dubai, UAE: The 1980s vs. today 4. Singapore: The 1960s vs. …

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