Unique People Whose Looks Can Take Your Breath Away

My Friends Newborn Baby Was Born With The Same Birthmark In Her Hair As Her Mother My Friend’s Iris Is Split In Half “My dad has 6 fingers on each hand. He uses his 2 middle fingers in a very original way.” I Have Waardenburg Syndrome, Which Made Me Deaf On One Ear, Makes My Hair White And Made My …

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20 Animal Photos That Prove Nature Is a Color Guru

Apparently, the beautiful landscapes and sights nature provides for us to look at and admire aren’t enough, because it has one-upped itself with these animals that are covered in unique fur markings and patterns. They make us wonder if they’re real or if nature has learned how to use Photoshop! 20. This little kitty wants to be a leopard when …

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Photographer Captures Amazing Photos of Exotic Birds

Photographer Supreet Sahoo shows in his photos of exotic birds that how Ecuador, though very small, hosts a vast and unique array of exotic wildlife. 1. Cock-Of-The-Rock 2. Gorgeted Sunangel 3. Velvet Purple Coronet 4. Turquoise Jay 5. Sword-Billed Hummingbird 6. Violet-Tailed Sylph 7. Scarlet Macaws 8. Crimson-Rumped Toucanet 9. Plate-Billed Mountain Toucan 10. Empress Brilliant

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